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  • I'm Dying Here ('Cause I Can't Say What I Want To)
    Sam forces himself to do things he doesn't want to do out of his desire to be a normal son. Character study.
    Sam/Quinn (and mentions of Puck/Sam, Kurt/Sam, and Finn/Sam), R, 1407 words.

  • Seasons of Love
    Written from a prompt off the Sam/Kurt fic meme: "Sam masturbates while he thinks about Kurt. Bonus points if he does it while he listens to Kurt sing (like a recording of him singing)."
    Sam/Kurt, R, 882 words.

  • Easier to Lie
    Being alone comes with having secrets—secrets Sam's not ready to disclose, secrets that tear him up inside until he wishes someone would come along and scream them out to the world so he wouldn’t have to carry them any longer. Character study.
    Puck/Sam, R, 900 words.

  • The Closer I Come to You
    AU. Priest!Sam gets debauched by one Kurt Hummel. This is just porn, nothing deep, idek.
    Sam/Kurt, R, 1182 words.

  • Starlight, Star Bright
    Future!fic. Glow in the dark stars definitely have their merits.
    Sam/Kurt, G, 1063 words.

  • Bruised
    Friday Night Lights crossover. Eric Taylor watches his quarterback have a meltdown in his office.
    mentions of Sam/Kurt, PG, 1343 words.

ONGOING PUCK/SAM GAY WAFFLES 'VERSE (terrible at titles, me?):

  • The Right Side of Reason
    Secrets are dredged up on a trip to an away game at Sam's old school.
    Puck/Sam (pre-slash), PG, 9340 words.

  • I'm Numbing My Feeling (I Know I'm Better in Denial)
    Puck decides that he's an awesome and supportive friend and agrees to accompany Sam to his first gay bar, but he doesn't expect the feelings that come out of it.
    Puck/Sam, R, 6042 words.

  • Every Second's a Longer Wait
    Sam lives by two simple rules: don't date anyone who disses Batman, and don't molest straight boys. Unfortunately, he's having trouble with the second one.
    Puck/Sam, pg-13, 9337 words.

  • Soon We'll Fall to Pieces
    Puck tries to work through his feelings, and he doesn't mean to leave a path of destruction in his wake—it just kind of happens.
    Puck/Sam, R, 12450 words.

  • My Good Intentions Can Leave the Harshest Scars You've Ever Seen
    Sam struggles to understand Puck's actions and starts making some potentially life-changing decisions, only one of which goes well.
    Puck/Sam, pg-13, 24489 words.

  • Up to the Platform of Surrender
    Puck can't pinpoint exactly when it happened, but it's almost scary how far he thinks he'll go for Sam.
    Puck/Sam, R, 16936 words.

SUPERNATURAL FIC (this shit is real old okay do not judge me)

  • Damaged People
    To bring Dean back, Sam gives in to everything Dean's tried to protect him from. Now Dean doesn't know which of them is more messed up. Set after the season three finale.
    Sam/Dean, R, 5,567 words.

  • Your Lips Are Venomous Poison
    Dean goes to see Sam at Stanford. He doesn't expect any happy endings, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.
    Sam/Dean, R, 4,581 words.

  • Life Goes On
    Dean meets, loves, and loses Cassie.
    Dean/Cassie, PG-13, 3,884 words.

  • Untitled
    Jess is gone, Sam tries to cope, Dean tries to help. Set directly after the pilot.
    Gen, PG, 2,365 words.


  • Click here. (The post is locked and filtered. If you want to read any of the fic, just comment and I'll add you. It's locked because it makes me feel creepy knowing that I've posted 180,000+ words about a band that google themselves sometimes.)

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