Eden (overstreets) wrote,

Discover - a Sam/Kurt fanmix

one. IN YOUR ARMS | Stanfour
I'll keep going on as just another one with another song who wants to be the only one for you.
Just another guy, blinded by your smile.
Just a lonely heart, can't stand this aching feeling when we're apart.
I know I'm not smart, but still I'm trying hard.
Let me be your guard, protecting you, my angel, from the dark.
I will not pretend that I'm just a friend.
My deliverance, will you think about me every now and then?

two. CRAVE | Joel & Luke
Hope sleeps without me. Sweet dreams surround me, but I'm left out.
I need a fix now, to believe, to feel.
These rooms are dark now. These halls are hollow, and so am I.
She's hard to find now, to believe, to feel.
I won't turn to dust now. Let these tears rust now, on my face.
Give me the spark now, to believe, to see.

three. DISCOVER (WHY THE LOVE HURTS) | Elliot Minor
I'm giving up and letting nothing else remain.
I feel like hell, but its worth it to be back again.
So step it up a little higher, can we? Just pass through the day.
'Cause I'm in awe of everything I see your way.

four. A NEW DAY HAS COME (Radio Remix) | Celine Dion
Through the darkness and good times, I knew I'd make it through.
And the world thought I had it all, but I was waiting for you.
Where it was dark now there's light; where there was pain now there's joy.
Where there was weakness, I found my strength all in the eyes of a boy.

five. BRAVE | Gavin Mikhail
I am not that brave. Sometimes I need to hear you whisper,
"Everything's okay. You'll be fine, I'll help you find your way.
And I have nothing but faith in you. All that I am is what you are and we are.
I would give anything up for you."


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