Eden (overstreets) wrote,

The Closer I Come to You, Sam/Kurt, R, 1/1

Title: The Closer I Come to You
Part: 1/1
Pairing: Sam/Kurt
Rating: R
Word Count: 1182
Notes: Based on a prompt by shiphassailed.
Summary: AU. Priest!Sam gets debauched by one Kurt Hummel. This is just porn, nothing deep, idek.

Sam makes a soft muffled sound when Kurt gently slides his hand down the front of Sam’s jeans, past the waistband of his plain navy boxers. A part of Sam can’t believe this is really happening, and in his office, no less. He could take fifteen steps and be in the chapel, the most sacred of places, yet here he is with another man touching him in a way no one has ever touched him before.

Kurt kisses him softly, slowly, almost reassuringly, and Sam can’t help but lean forward to get more of Kurt’s lips. He never dreamed he could get such joy out of such a simple act, but every time he kisses Kurt, he’s consumed with greed for more and amazed at how he never gets tired of the way their mouths fit together. He grips his wooden desk with one hand and lifts the other to rest on the side of Kurt’s hair, cradling his palm against Kurt’s cheek.

Kurt’s hand starts moving in his jeans, and Sam’s mouth falls open in a silent gasp as he feels pleasure tickling through his body. Kurt grips his erection, giving him a light squeeze, and it’s like fireworks behind his eyes, leaving him shaking and breathless. His legs are already feeling too weak to hold himself up for much longer, and when Kurt grasps his bottom lip between his teeth, tugging softly, Sam feels such a rush of desire that he moans and grips Kurt’s hair so tightly that Kurt lets out a breathless chuckle.

“Please,” Sam whispers against Kurt’s lips, his voice ragged. “I need you.”

“Get on the table,” Kurt orders, already pressing Sam backwards while simultaneously pushing his jeans down. His shirt is already open as he knocks aside folders and pens and a commentary on the gospel of Luke, and Kurt runs his hands over Sam’s chest, his blunt fingernails raking down his smooth skin. Sam’s boxers are suddenly gone, and this is the most naked he’s ever been with another human being not related to him. Kurt shoves himself into the fork of his thighs, and Sam’s legs press closely against Kurt’s slim hips, tension running through him in waves as his erection rubs against his tight black trousers. Both of his hands are in Kurt’s hair now, debauching his usual impeccable style, and Sam can’t get enough, not with Kurt’s hot mouth trailing down his chin and planting kisses along his jaw line.

“No one’s ever done this to you,” Kurt says, his teeth scraping against Sam’s collarbone. Sam shivers as Kurt presses his fingers to his hardened nipple, rubbing and tweaking and making Sam desperately groan out his name. His senses are already overloaded; Sam feels like his whole body is stretched so tightly that he could break any second.

“Touch me, Kurt,” Sam says in a high whine, his heart racing and breath quickening. “Please, I need you. Please.”

Kurt smiles at him then, somehow devious and sweet at the same time, brushing Sam’s hair back before placing one last kiss on his lips. Then Kurt wraps a hand around Sam’s cock and drops to his knees.

Sam swallows convulsively, his chest rising and falling as Kurt gives him a few pulls. Sam’s legs open wider, groaning when he sees Kurt moving forward, his hair tickling Sam’s thighs.

“Put your hand in my hair,” Kurt instructs him, and Sam obeys without question, placing his left hand atop Kurt’s head, letting his fingers slide through his thick locks. “It feels good when you pull—not too hard, though.”

Sam definitely wants to make Kurt feel as good as he feels right now, so he runs his fingers deeper through Kurt’s hair, tugging softly, but every thought flies right out of his head when he suddenly feels Kurt’s impossibly soft lips touch the head of his cock. Sam’s breath gets caught in his throat, and for a moment he thinks he might choke, but then he’s gasping as Kurt licks a stripe underneath, then another, and Sam’s heart nearly stops when Kurt finally slides him into his mouth like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

Kurt’s mouth is like fire. Sam squeezes his eyes shut, choking down the noises in his throat because he doesn’t want to be too loud, but the stimulation is almost too much to bear. Kurt hollows his cheeks and sucks, and Sam starts to writhe on the desk, pulling at Kurt’s hair and moaning through his teeth as the sensation builds up inside him like liquid heat, more powerful than anything he’s ever felt before.

Kurt picks up the pace, making soft wet sounds as his head bobs between Sam’s trembling legs. Sam begins to pant as pleasure slices through him, his breath coming faster and faster until he’s just a keening mess above Kurt. It feels so good he almost wants to cry. He can feel his resolve slipping away, his oath, his whole life, and he knows he can’t ever go back now, not when Kurt makes him feel like this, so full of life and love and unadulterated bliss—this can’t be wrong, there’s no way such pure happiness can be wrong.

“Kurt,” Sam cries, a violent shudder running through him, and then he’s wracked with such intense pleasure that his vision whites out. Sam doesn’t remember Kurt coming back up or wrapping his arms around him, but suddenly he’s there, and Sam presses himself close and kisses him, still so shaky that he misses his mouth and ends up planting his lips on the side of his chin. Kurt’s panting hot breath against his face, mumbling something that takes Sam a moment to understand.

“Touch me now,” Kurt growls, bucking against him, and Sam just gapes, still catching his breath.


“Sam, just touch me,” Kurt says in a frantic whine.

“I don’t know how,” Sam blurts out, but his hands scrabble at Kurt’s pants, undoing the complicated buttons and zippers and then pushing his hand inside. Kurt’s hard, rocking against his hand, and Sam has no idea what he’s doing.

“Just touch me, it doesn’t matter, just move your hand, do anything,” Kurt gasps against his mouth. “Sam, Sam, just—”

Sam grasps Kurt’s erection, fondling him softly, and Kurt lets out a trembling moan, his arms tight around Sam as he pushes his face into Sam’s shoulder. Sam mimics what Kurt had done earlier, letting his hand move faster, and Kurt breathes hot breath against his skin, his body shaking until his muscles tighten and he suddenly groans desperately and spurts wetness all over Sam’s hand. Sam wraps his free arm around Kurt’s waist, holding him firmly as Kurt grows limp in his arms, breathing hard. After a moment Sam pulls him onto the desk with him, hugging him as Kurt smiles tiredly. Sam never wants to move. He never wants to let go of the feeling of Kurt’s warm, boneless body against his own.

“You’re still a virgin,” Kurt says softly, chuckling. “But at least you’re not as virginal.”

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