Eden (overstreets) wrote,

Billionaire Campaign

If any of you guys have iTunes and money to spare, the Chord Overstreet/Kum/Samcedes/Quam/Sam fans are trying to get Billionaire to #1 on the iTunes Glee charts. It was somewhere in the 50s when we started yesterday, and now it's sitting pretty at #6. It's just a gesture of appreciation toward Chord and how he made Sam into such an epic kid despite the trainwreck that Glee is (even though it's unlikely this will change anything), and we're expressing our disgust at how his original storyline was taken away, even though it makes his entire character obsolete, because a tiny gay hobbit makes more money in the iTunes charts. (Unfortunately, Glee's trademark has become dropped and nonsensical storylines!)

So if you can, go buy Billionaire!

If you have no idea what I'm even talking about, you can read up here.

If you have something negative to say about this whole thing, no1curr so keep it to yourself.
Tags: overstan 4 lyfe, tv: glee

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